Wednesday, March 14, 2007

EPPIE Winner!

Infinite Space, Infinite God won the EPPIE!
Best Electronically Published Science Fiction for 2007!

I got the news Sunday from our publisher, Lida Quillen. I flew down the stairs shouting to Rob, "We won! We won the EPPIE!" I almost burst into tears with joy.

I'm so proud of and tickled for our contributors. I think the fact that ISIG, an anthology with a religious theme, won out over novels and secular works just proves the quality of their writing and the depth of their thought, as well as their ability to weave stories that appeal to people of all faiths. Please, if you know any of these authors, drop by and tell them congrats:

Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
Rose Dimond
Colleen Drippe'
Alex Lobdell
Alan Loewen
Simon Morden
Tim Myers
Ken Pick
Adrienne Ray
Lori Z. Scott
J Sherer

Rob and I are also grateful to Lida, our publisher at Twilight Times Books. Not only did she take a chance on ISIG, but she pushed the publication date so we could compete for the EPPIE.

If you want to learn more about Infinite Space, Infinite God, check out the website: It comes out in print August 15 and will be available from and directly from Twilight Times Books. In the meantime, if you like electronic books, you can purchase it from Twilight Times or Fictionwise.

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