Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fundamental Truths of Living

Today was a busy day tearing out a bushes, planting a garden, writing a critique and finishing Faith-Filled Fiction. Therefore, I offer up these reflections as my post:

On Moving:

No matter how spotless your house is, there will be a realtor who will tell you to clean it up.

The bush you spent the last five years caring for will die the week the house goes on the market.

The day you soak your lawn, it will rain. Heavily. Non-stop. For 36 hours.

On Writing:

It's impossible to write with a cat on your chest.

The cat will invariably sit on your chest just as you get comfortable with the laptop.

The piece of paper I toss because I don't need it anymore will be the piece of paper I need a week later--for an article that's due!

On Life:

No matter how busy you are, there's someone busier. No matter how awful you feel, there's someone sicker. No matter how bad your luck is, there's someone who's having hard times. Yet despite this, they will be continuing to live their life with love, humor and faith. They can inspire you if you let them.

No matter how many times you explain what you need to someone, that person will get it wrong and at the worst possible time--like right before a deadline. Sometimes, that person will be you.


LK Hunsaker said...

Ah, the joys of military life and moving! We're recently retired military getting ready to move for hopefully the last time (until our kids say we can't live alone anymore and then they can deal with the moving issues).

I'm a writer and came here for your virtual book tour advice. Wonderful advice, thank you. All the best!

Lisa Logan said...

Too funny! (and true) Though I challenge the thought that it's impossible to write with a cat on your chest. I've written with a toddler on my lap whose hands are ALSO on my keyboard. LOL