Sunday, March 18, 2007

Name Game II--Fits to a T

Been another banner week for my name:

Had one e-mail about Karine and Robert Fabian. Two out of three isn't bad.

Had someone (again, e-mail) call me Kariana. I actually like that and plan to save it for a character. Someone sweeter and less snarly than me.

Finally, a good friend called me Katrina--twice! He was so embarrassed, he wrote me this little essay about T and I had to share it with you. Thanks, Alex Lobdell!

Here are some more examples of strange things that can happen when you add an extra "t" to a word:

There was no toilet paper in the bathroom, so I put a couple of trolls in there.
I was just admiring our new bus driver's bust.
We have stale prices at our store today.
John jumped in the pool and quickly stank.
I need to stew my new dress.
This experiment will stimulate a nuclear explosion.
The rich woman hid her jewelry in her stock drawer in her bedroom.
When the old priest died, his nephew was his stole beneficiary.
After Marilyn bought a new brand of bubble bath, she enjoyed having many studs in the bathtub as she bathed.
I saw many people on the beach stunning themselves.
The old fisherman had arthritis, so he went to see a sturgeon.
The spy had many treasons for defecting.
Friends, Romans, countrymen. Lend me your tears.
Song sung by a very poor locomotive engineer: "Listen to the rhythm of the falling train, telling me just what a fool I've been."
Drill sergeant to a group of doomed recruits: "Gentlemen, your M-16 is not a gun. It is a trifle."

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Ka"t"rina, this is urgent. A question I desperately need answered. The answer will change my life immeasureably.