Thursday, May 13, 2010

Everything is Material

Between moving, Rob's surgery (outpatient) and the Catholic planners are due, I don't anticipate much time this week, so I've prepped this ahead of time.

People sometimes ask how authors come up with ideas, so here's a sneak peek at my idea generation in April:

Dentists broke a piece of the drill off in my tooth during a root canal. I wrote a flash fiction about a woman in a similar situation who ends up communicating with aliens through her tooth. Yes, it's called "Bit by Bit."

Asked folks on facebook for a Bible story that expressed self control. Decided on David not killing Saul.

Listening to the song "Ocean Gypsy" by Blackmore's Night, came up with a mystery of a nymph who is brutally murdered and her death causes the entire area to be shrouded in darkness, for a thousand nights or until the killer is found and the area healed.

Friend of mine had to deliver some bad news to another of our friends, who happens to live near NYC. She caught her on a bad day, and got an earful! Telling me about it, she said, "She went New York on me." Writing a scene for Neeta Lyffe, I had some zombies attack a bunch of New Yorkers during a parade. Parade goers got mad and beat them with their own ripped off limbs.

Needed to write a column for Vern, my dragon. Weather's getting nice--car wash time. Decided that's a great way to bathe a dragon.

Rob, the boys and I were playing SuperMunchkin. The cards themselves are a riot--puns and jokes, and combinations designed to incite giggles. Plus, at least with my family, there are plenty of ways to mess with your opponent! I came up with a story of Vern, Sister Grace, Gapman, and Superspy Stan Rakness involved in a cut-throat game involving one of the card combinations we played to really wreck Steven's and Alex's chance at victory.

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