Sunday, March 11, 2012

Notes From Homilies: What is sin

Here's my note on today's homily:  "Whenever we go against God's will, it is sin."

This one struck me because our society tends to have  somewhat different view of sin: i.e., if you're not hurting anyone, it's okay.  Even if you accept that, does that make an action right?  If so, then where is the line drawn--a harsh word is sinful, but destroying a child in the womb is not?  Speaking out against immorality is wrong, but stepping aside none-of-my-business is okay because you aren't hurting anyone?

God gave us some clear directions.  Sometimes, in this messy life, how to interpret them isn't as clear.  I do believe that our society with it's "do whatever you like as long as you don't hurt anybody" attitude isn't morality.  God expects us to do better than that.  He wants us to do His will.

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