Monday, March 19, 2012

Shower stall secrets

This is a little silly for a blog post, but I'm doing a class called "housekeeping for writers."  This is one of the tips, and I have to have the photo online to put it in the forum, so you get the tip, too.  If you like these, let me know.  Maybe I'll make a series.

Here' is my shower stall.  (The dress is on the other side of the stall.)

This is not a new door.  We had it cleaned by a professional housekeeper (ie, the one we paid to clean the house before we moved in).  We have lived here 22 months, with an average of 15 showers a week in that little stall.  I have cleaned it once every six months, no lie.

The secret?  The squegee!
Maybe two bucks at WalMart--worth its weight and more in gold!

After every shower, the person just runs the squeegee over the door to remove the excess water.  It takes 20 seconds a shower, and this is the result.

We learned this trick from our landlady in California.  It was the only thing she asked of us as renters.

Once every six months or so, I soak it down with the de-soaping cleaning solution, wipe, rinse, then spray it down with windex and wipe again.

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