Monday, October 08, 2012

It's MuseCon Time Again

I'm at the MuseOnline conference this week.  Here's a happy song for you!

Getting carpal tunnel at the con
Online, you can sign along
Wearing pajamas all day long
It’s MuseCon time again

When October comes in sight
My husband gets an awful fright
To see those dates blocked out day and night
It’s MuseCon time again


The ‘fridgerator’s full of food
In packages with colors rude
Cooking instructions sparse and rude
It’s MuseCon time again


Mid-week, laundry’s piled up high
The kitchen counters make you sigh
The kids know not to reason why
It’s MuseCon time again!


Got bloodshot eyes and I’m not dressed
Not yet showered; house a mess
And don’t even ask me about the—HEY!
It’s MuseCon time again.


When it’s done, we’re feeling free
And like we just earned our degree
Things’ll get normal now, you’ll see
…at least until NaNo…
And when it’s MuseCon time again!

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