Monday, October 15, 2012

Ten Random Facts about I Left My Brains in San Francisco

1.  There have been attempts by various groups to rename the Tenderloin district because the name means a chunk of meat.

2.  The building where Neeta and Ted stay is not a YMCA like in the book, but is a retail store.  I looked at it with Google Maps for an hour to get a good feel for the building.

3.  Before I could write I Left My Brains in San Francisco, I had to come up with the characters and episodes of Zombie Death Extreme—Bayou.  Some of that is on the website at  I think I may novelize it later.

4.  When Roscoe said Marcel was a cad, I had no idea how true that was.  I was VERY surprised at his behavior later.  I’m telling you—there are dark corners in an author’s mind.

5.  I originally intended to have a casino attack in this book, but it wouldn’t work.  I intend to write about zombies in Reno someday.

6.  The zombie attack when Neeta and Ted start dating is in “Wokking Dead” in The Zombie Cookbook.  It’s actually the first Neeta Lyffe story.

7.  For those who read Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator:  Remember the Cameron that Roscoe waxed poetic about in the episode where they faced animatronic zombies that looked loved ones?  That’s the Cameron Luke wanted to go see in Reno.

8.  Ted’s unusual family is a nod to Caprica, which was a short-lived Battlestar spin off.  One of the main characters was in a group marriage.  However, I have known people in California who are in “multiple” living together relationships; they just keep it on the down-low—hence, the “cousins.”

9.  I asked a biochemist and a geneticist to write Dunbar’s lines and told them to be as academic as possible. I love the results.  I also had chemical engineers help me with the refinery.  I love having brilliant friends with crazy imaginations!

10. Someone reminded me that in Mad Max, Thunderdrome used pig feces to produce methane to supply the town with energy and fuel.  I was not thinking of that at all, and in fact, had postulated that they were using something other than methane, which is too volatile for cars.

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Jennifer Ruth Jackson said...

Just stopping by to say "hello". I enjoyed meeting you at the Muse Conference. (I'm the one that leaves a trail of stick figure limbs in my wake.)