Thursday, October 25, 2012

Terminal, a Flash Fiction

In honor of the I Left My Brains in San Francisco book tour, I have a short story for you inspired by a photo on Facebook that suggested that instead of searches, x-rays, etc.  We just folks step into a booth that would detonate any explosive devices.  Think I'll have to incorporate it into a Neeta Lyffe story someday.  Remember, you can find I Left My Brains in San Francisco at

or from Damnation Books:

Airport Terminal now has a double meaning!


by Karina Fabian

Thank you for using TEDDS--the Terrorist Explosive Device Detonation System. Protecting citizens from invasive scans and embarrassing search procedures since 2027. Your feedback is important to us. Should you be innocent and survive the experience, we invite you to fill out a customer service questionnaire, which you can turn in at the customer service department for a free bottled water or large tube of toothpaste! Please remain still while we check for explosive devices... Please wait... Your safety is important to us, thank you for waiting...

We regret to inform you that explosive element three, nitroglycerine, was found in your shoe. The authorities, morgue officer and janitorial staff are en route. If you wish to preserve your life, click the "I Confess!" button on the screen before you and fill out the appropriate form. You will be asked to give a full description of your motivations, names of accomplices, and any religious, social or psychological circumstances that may influence your trial. If you wish to continue with detonation, please press the "I Die Willingly!" button. By doing so, you and any related parties absolve TSA from responsibility for your demise. You will also be given two minutes to craft your message of defiance or choose one from the standard menu. You have ten second to make your selection. Thank you again for choosing TEDDS.

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