Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Circuit Training...Double Your Torture

Who knew I'd be such a glutton for punishment?

As most of you know, in the spirit of "for better or for worse--and you'd better share the worse!" I've convinced my husband, Rob, to join me in daily circuit torture.  Surprisingly to him, he's actually enjoying it, and he's losing weight and inches.  (Much better than his previous workout program, and I refraim from saying "Told you so"  Wait. No, no, I don't.)  Anyway, since I got him into this fine mess, it seems only fair that I continue to join him in the pain, so I've been going to class at 6 am with him. This past week, however, was an unusual week for Rob.  He had meetings in the mornings, and couldn't make it to the six am and get home to shower, shave and dress in time to get to work.

Now, I'm a paranoid woman at times, so I would still get up and go to the morning class, anyway, on the assumption that Rob might be late coming home or too tired to work out.  However, he came home each day willing if not raring to go, so as a result, I went twice.

Yes, two hours of circuit torture a day.  And it gets worse!

Because last week was Independence Day week, Ryion closed the gym on Thursday and Friday.  As a result, he upped the level of the program--whole body workouts, with floor exercises instead of the treadmill.  So instead of squats, we did squats with hammer curl presses, and in between--burpees, speed skaters, walking pushups, burpees.  Did I mention the ENTIRE CLASS of exercise--burpee--exercise--burpee?

Go ahead--do these for a minute, then go do a minute of squat-lifts with 90 pounds of weight.  (And if you think it's no big deal, come do it with my body!)

So, I did six classes this week like that, including Saturday since Rob wanted to go to make up missing Thursday and Friday due to the gym being closed. 

Here's the take-away I want you to get from this:  The reason I did it is because I felt like my exercise buddy (aka Rob) was depending on me for support.  Having someone to share the pain, er, obligation, with makes a difference. 

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