Monday, July 01, 2013

Why Attend the Catholic Writers' Conference Online?

This post is for Catholics and writers.  If that's not you, you're welcome to read on and please share with your Catholic writing friends.

The Catholic Writers Conference Live is Aug 7-9 in Sommerset, NJ.  It's an awesome opportunity to learn from other writers, share your faith, and even pitch your Catholic book. A friend asked for some more information about what the conference is like, so I thought I'd share my response:

The conference has two great aspects: First, it does run like a standard conference, with panels, speakers, workshops, etc. There's a crit group usually (I think you register separate, but that's free with admission), and a chance to pitch your book to Catholic publishers (again, a separate registration, but free with admission.) The speakers are all Catholic and faithful, though not every discussion is necessarily Catholic focused so much as writing and marketing focused.

The second great thing is we share with the Catholic Marketing Network, which means with the conference, you get admission to the trade show. There you can meet Catholic vendors of all kinds from all over the world. They are there mostly to cater to bookstore/gift shop owners, but some sell the stock there (on the last day, they cut prices of their stuff so they don't have to take it home, and some even give things away.) However, you have the perfect chance to talk to publishers informally, plus religious orders, producers of education programs and audio books, and other wonderful people who may need a writer. We've had several folks find writing jobs just by chatting to folks on the show floor. Also, CWG members with SOA approved books can do signings and there are interview opportunities. EWTN is there, as are other radio and tv stations, and they sometimes have empty time to fill--just go up and ask.

Registration costs $80 for CWG members, $85 for non-members and $45 for students. It's worht every penny!  There's also a discounted combined membership. To register or for more information, go to

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