Saturday, April 14, 2007

My New Writing Goal

Got a rejection again on my fantasy manuscript for The Miscria. It happens, I know, but this was the last on my current "To Send" list, and I'm wondering where to send it next or if I should re-write it and how. I was also told by my publisher, Lida at Twilight Times Books, to slow down the marketing of Infinite Space, Infinite God and take a break until June. I've got book proposals waiting for answers and no story ideas eating at my brain. So, I'm taking the week off and reading some books for fun.

Rob belongs to the Sci-Fi Books club, so he buys books by the case, and I usually mooch off him. (Yet another reason I'm glad I married him!) This week, I'm working through The Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher. I love Butcher's modern fantasy noir style, his incredible depth of imagination in his fairy characters, and for his bizarre spooky yet humorous scenes.

For example, in Summer Knight, the wizard Dresden meets with Chicago Detective Murphy at a Super Wal-Mart at about 1 am. (Hey, it's public and it's open, right?) They get attacked by an ogre and a chlorofiend (plant monster with a cooler name). After a fight that spans the garden, hardware and automotive sections, they finally kill the monsters with the help of metal shelving, a chain saw, gasoline and a sterno can.

I can imagine Jim Butcher, walking around the Super Wal-Mart at 1 AM, choreographing all this:
Jim (muttering): Weed-B-Gone? Nah, probably take too long… These shelves, though. Sturdy, metal. They hate metal. Won't stop it. What else? Oooo--chain saw!

Wal-Mart Lady: Can I help you?

Jim: Would you mind unpacking that chain saw, holding it next to your leg, wrapping it with that camping blanket and walking a bit? I want to see if it looks convincing.

Wal-Mart Lady: Sir?

Jim: (looking at another shelf) These cans of lighter fluid don't hold enough for engulfing the average ogre--do you keep gasoline in the store?

Now Jim could get away with this because he's a fantastically published (and fantastic) writer. I want to be there some day!

Yes, my new goal: to be well enough known that I can go into a store and plan havoc--and not get evicted by security. Got to have your dreams, right?

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