Saturday, April 21, 2007

Publishing Pitfalls and Major Messes

I've had a weird couple of days. My mother-in-law had a biopsy (the chance of cancer looks slim, thank you, God!). I started a book I'm promised to review (Flashpoint by Frank Creed) and ended up unable to put it down, which meant the house stayed got messy. (I'll be touring Frank's book when it comes out--stay tuned!) Finally, we have an open house tomorrow, so we had the panic perfection clean-up job to do today.

We finally celebrated my birthday (3 days late) by going out to dinner and the bookstore. I wrote down all the publishers of sci-fi/fantasy on the shelves and looked them up. Of the 13 I'd not already approached, only two did not require agents, and neither is a good fit for The Miscria.

NOTE: Baen, Tor, DAW and Edge do not require agents, but I've already tried them. You can Google them for their guidelines. Luna does fantasy, but with romance/strong female-focus. Fantasy with Christian perspective--looks like epic legend stuff

Can't find the guidelines, but the book trailer is a riot:

And speaking of funny videos, check this one out:
My own van is a do-it-yourself job: half inch of congealed soda in the cupholders and fries stuck in the tracks of seats, and Hillary Duff in the CD player (shudder), plus pencils and pens, books, napkins and even some space clothes all around. Scratched done by sticks for that au natural look. Oh and let's not forget the ill-fitting seat cover that was a present.

Got one fun birthday present: Home Education Magazine ran the King Kluck Saga as "Mummification Most Fowl." It'll be in the May/Jun issue.

Like so many, I'm praying for the victims (and the murderer) of the Virginia Tech shootings. Please also remember all those who die in obscurity at the hands of violence as well.


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