Wednesday, March 31, 2010

30 Days of Superhero Posts

Here are the posts I did on superheroes during March.

1. There are real-world superheroes--costumes and all! Find them here:
2. Which superhero are you? Take the quiz:
3. The museum of Black superheroes:
4. Who can forget that superhero--Daffy Duck (Duck Dodgers)?
5. Here's a list of male superheroes, courtesy of Wikipedia. How many DON'T you recognize?
6. And now the list of superheroines:
7. Definitely my favorite superhero movies: and
8. A rant on movie superhero costumes. I agree--why put nipples on Batman's suit? What does he need to compensate for?
9. Speaking of really bad superhero costumes...
10. Ah, what I love to twist and snap: Superhero clichés:
11. More clichés: (ROFL--all superheroes are expert tailors)
12. This is different--a comic style review of Jews and Superheroes, discussing the Jewish origin of the superhero genre?
13. Why am I thinking Superheroes? Gapman is in the making! Here's a teaser:
14. Superheroes: Where they really are now:
15. Real life superheroes have a website--vids, how-tos, events...
16. Don't believe it? Here's CNN reporting on real superheroes.
17. Superheroes Anonymous is filming a documentary on real life superheroes:
18. Very funny movie about regular people becoming superheroes. (Bowler is exception--she's spooky!)
19. Love it! Superpowers ruined by science! Gotta consider these for Gapman:
20. You'll find anything in Wiki--even a list of superpowers:
21. So should superheroes be a little paunchy? Tell me your opinion:
22. Gapman's tummy tire? Survey taker says: "That's not fat, it's super-hero insulation and storage." Give your opinion:
23. Have you seen Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog? Love it!
24. Gapman fen say: "Gotta have something to hold on to in my fantasy of Gapman!" Give your opinion:
25. What's a superhero month without mentioning the Evil Overlord Don'ts List?
26. More on Gapman's tummy tire: "Try a muumuu, man! The spandex is NOT working." Give your opinion:
27. Need a name for your superhero persona?
28. Want to "go super" but can't decide on the details? The Superhero generator does it for you:
29. Mysterious Superhero surfaces, strikes fear into the heart of no one.


Roland D. Yeomans said...

I am quite impressed with your blog. Congrats. I, too, am an aspiring {and perspiring when I'm trying to break through writer's block} author.

If you're of a mind, come check out my blog : WRITING IN THE CROSSHAIRS {as writers have to focus on their targets just like hunters.}

Good luck in your writing, Roland

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. And even more thanks for the encouraging words when I especially needed them.

Have a blessed, healing weekend, Roland

Mike Hays said...

Meant to send this link earlier during "30 days of Superhero Post", but just finally got around to it. Superhero powers in meta-reality.

Mike Hays