Monday, March 01, 2010

Touring My Big Book of Catholic Bible Stories by Heidi Hess Saxton

Like I said when I closed my book blog, Virtual Book Tour de 'Net, I would now and again review or tour a book if it really caught my interest. This is the first time this year.

I received My Big Book of Catholic Bible Stories in the mail from Thomas Nelson. It was a complete surprise. My friend and fabulous author, Heidi Hess Saxton, had requested I get a copy. I'm so glad she thought of me! The book is wonderful--a must for Catholic parents of young children. This week, I'm touring Heidi and her book. Today, I'll tell you a little about the book. Tomorrow, Heidi will tell us about writing it. Wednesday, I'll review it. Hope you stick around!

From the Thomas Nelson Website:

My Big Book of Catholic Bible Stories is a Catholic family treasure!

With almost 200 stories, this book is an excellent resource for children and families to grow together in their faith and knowledge of Catholic tradition. It uses selections from the actual text of the highly respected and readable New Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition, including stories from the Deuterocanonical Books.

Along with stories from actual Bible text, My Big Book of Catholic Bible Stories includes additional elements. Each of these elements will help encourage the child to talk to God, to understand the meaning of new words from the passage, to learn quotes from saints and other important figures, and to go deeper in their faith by cross-referencing the CCC and applying the lesson to their lives. With its thorough teaching of Catholic faith, Bible stories, and classic art, this Bible Storybook will be a welcome addition to Catholic homes, schools, and churches.

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Heidi Saxton said...

Thanks, Karina, for putting this together for me! Your readers will soon be able to order an autographed copy of my book through my website:

Blessings, Heidi