Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Novel's Journey: Best Kind of Speed Bumps

Oops! Missed a post on my novel's journey with Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator. The book hit a speed bump last week, but the best kind. I was working on another book with my dad.

Most of you know that I was blessed with a quick deadline contract to write a small book called "Why God Matters and How to Recognize Him in Daily Life." It contains 14 stories of events from our lives and what those events taught us about faith.

I had decided to recruit my dad, Steve Lumbert, Deacon in the Catholic Church to help me because I thought the book needed a male POV. I figured since he wrote so many homilies, he'd have an easy time coming up with seven stories.

What I hadn't thought of was how different a 10-minute homily is from a 500-word story and lesson. He had some wonderful stories, but needed a lot of help on the format. So we spent an intense week on Yahoo IM, with him writing, me critiquing and offering different ideas, and him rewriting. I think he must be sick of me saying, "This is good, but what's the faith point you're making?"

Following the format given to us by the publisher, we started each story with a quote. Mine were quips from saints and celebrities; his were paragraphs from encyclicals and the Catechism. So we spent some time cutting down or finding new quotes for him.

However, I loved his idea of incorporating the Catechism. I think too many people think it's inaccessible, high-brow or for catechesis only. So we spent several hours combing the Catechism together to find paragraphs that fit our stories. We did the same thing with the Bible.

Dad, of course, wrote the prayer that opens the book.

It's done and edited and in the hands of my wonderful writing friends for critique. Dad is getting some folks to read it over as well, and his asking his friend Deacon Diteqwig, to write the forward. Hopefully, it will all be done in time for the May launch date. That means two book published this year: Infinite Space, Infinite God II (no set date yet, sorry!) and Why God Matters.

Next week, I go full-bore on Neeta Lyffe. I want to have it done by May. I also have school planners to write (need 10 Bible stories. Then Gapman. Then Discovery. Somewhere in there, I need to edit Mind Over Mind (waiting on the contract and editorial direction). Oh--and let's not forget we're moving to Utah! Where did the year go?

EEK! Not going to think about it. This weekend, I'm going to rest and recharge, happy in the fact that I got to write a book with my daddy!


Janet Glaser said...

Oh, Girl, you wear me out with your energy and enthusiasm for life. What a fabulous opportunity-writing a book with your dad. Enjoy this special time of sharing. You go, Girl!!

PaperSmyth said...

Oh, it is so good to hear that the book is well underway! Blessings on the process of finishing that up.