Thursday, March 04, 2010

My Novel's Journey: Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator: Format Fun

The fun thing about writing a parody of television is that you can play with the different formats the entertainment industry employs. Woven in with "living" scenes of Neeta's experience, I have blogs from her trainees, forums from the fans, even snippets from the radio. Today, however, I'm talking about documentaries.

Advantages: The documentary "The Zombie Syndrome" by Gary Opkast (writer for the reality TV show Zombie Death Extreme) has been a great way to weave in background information without the character Q&A. By scripting video clips with narration and interviews, I'm able to tell the reader about my world without telling them about my world.

Disadvantages: I'm going to need to brush up on my scriptwriting format, then decide how much to adapt it to narrative so I don't lose my reader. Also, I'm not always interested in the actual script as much as a portion--like my interview with Dr. Hansen. I've also got the challenge of making the visuals interesting enough while staying true to the minimalist format.

Here's a little from The Zombie Syndrome, which Gary is writing in the book:

Footage from movie of human ducking the swinging arms of a zombie.

NARRATOR: and the idea that they are slow to react? You can't count on it, as Darwin Award Winner Henry Stephens demonstrated.

ROY STAPLES, DARWIN AWARDS CHAIRMAN in his office. Pan room of different news articles of people dying stupid deaths, focus on "Man, 19, loses game of zombie tag; returns on the other side." As STAPLES speaks, segue over to video footage of 2019 AFEHV Winner.

STAPLES: Stephens and a couple of his frat brothers got drunk and decided it would make a great entry for America's Funniest Exteme Home Videos, the Danger Edition if they filmed a couple of them playing tag with zombies. After eating a garlic-and-anchovie pizza, they donned necklaces made from used sweatsocks they stole from the university football team and headed to the local cemetery, danced on a few graves, and managed to wake the dead in true FRAT fashion.

Stephens' partner in the game, Ed Grisson, developed stomach cramps and bowed out, saving his life. Shortly thereafter, Stephens tagged a zombie on the shoulder and dashed away--but not fast enough. The zombie, former quarterback for COLLEGE, tackled him and bit his neck through the sweatsocks. Stephens lost the game of tag, but he did win the 2019 Darwin Awards for using his stupidity to remove himself from the gene pool.


Amanda B. said...

That's good.
Oh, and I just noticed that I happen to be wearing my zombie t-shirt.

Amy Deardon said...

Karina, I love the photo at the top! This sounds like a fun project -- good luck.

Are you a member of the Lost Genre Guild and/or ACFW? Your books sound mind-stretching -- Congratulations with them. I'm going to have to find them...

Have a happy Friday :-)

Karina Fabian said...

Hi, Amanda--Zombie T-shirts are good! I dressed up as a zombie for a book signing last October. It was fun to see the reaction.

Amy, I am a member of LGG and of the Catholic Writers Guild, but not ACFW.

Thanks for the compliments: the books are all on the sidebar with links, or check them out in more detail on my website, I'm shopping one now and have three I'm writing--a humorous fantasy, a serious sci-fi and a Catholic self-help/devotional. Talk about mind-stretching!

Walt said...

I saw an advertisement for something new Bullfrog is marketing this summer, a combination sunblock (SPF 50), insect repellent (87% Deet), radiation block (250 rems/2.5 Sv), and zombie repellent (1600 Spt). [Note: SPLAT (Spt) is based of weight of projectile multiplied by muzzle velocity.]

Karina Fabian said...

Windex works better, Walt. Guess I'll have to blog on that.