Saturday, April 02, 2011

Announcing Chaterday! Topic: Writers' Conferences

At the CWCO, I attended a wonderful chat by blogger Sarah Reinhard, and one of the topics was, "How do I get people to comment?" After all, we love comments, right? Well, she rather astutely noted that if we don't blog so as to invite conversation, most people won't comment.

Another thing I loved at this conference was how people learned from each other as well as from presenters. There's such a wealth of wisdom out there.

So I'm instituting Chatterday. Here's how it works: Each Saturday, I'll talk a very little bit on a topic and ask you for your wisdom and opinion. Let's share!

This week's topic: Do you attend writers' conferences? What do you like most about them? When do you get the most out of a conference and why?


Susan K. Stewart said...

I attend both online and in-person conferences. The online conferences are to really dig in and learn. The in-person conferences are for networking. I spend more time chatting than sitting in workshops. I've met some wonderful people who have been willing to help me be a better writer. I've also made some friends who a I correspond with regularly.

I also try to attend a writer's retreat once a year. A time to get away, write without everyday distractions, and have some relaxed fellowship time with other writers.

Thank you, Karina, for CWOC. Your efforts and work have blessed many.

Karina Fabian said...

Thanks, Susan, for the insight. I tend to do a lot of networking at live conferences, too, though I've found I actually make more friends with the online one. Isn't that ironic? (Although I made GREAT friends with my roomies, Elizabeth Weidner (ebeth) and Michelle Buckman at CWCL.