Thursday, April 07, 2011

Would you join my book news list?

This week, I forewent writing in order to work on marketing. I'm trying something new by making a mailing list to let folks know about new books coming out. Why?

Have you seen that funny video about Twitter where the guys says, "You're all just shouting in the dark!" Well, when it comes to my books, I feel a lot like that. Despite all my social networking and such, I wonder if I'm actually reaching folks who are interested. I feel in the dark.

I'm looking for the people with the torches--the ones who have an interest in learning more about my books or who know someone who might be interested and are glad to pass the information along. Will you be a torchbearer for me?

Here's how you can help: I'd like to have you in a core list of folks who like my work or (to be brutally honest) like me enough to give me the benefit of a doubt once in a while. When I have a book to promote--one that's come out or one that is getting a boost--I'd like to e-mail you to see if it interests you. If so, let me know and I'll put you on a list to send you a couple more e-mails with more information: a video of the book, a little about how I came to make it, a sample chapter... I'll even try to get it on sale for folks on this list. And if you have a friend who might be interested, I hope you'll pass the info on.

What's in it for you: Each time you opt-in to get more info about a book, I will put your name in a raffle for a copy of one of my books, a t-shirt or tuition for one of my writing classes at SavvyWriters--your choice. And if you recommend me to a friend who then gets on my list--I will put your name in the raffle again.

Click here to respond by April 9, and I will send you a copy of my newly revised short story, "Fern Gullible" from my DragonEye, PI universe. Plus, I'll put you in a raffle for a copy of one of my books, a t-shirt, or tuition for one of my classes at SavvyWriters. I will announce the winner April 11.

Here's hoping you'll be a torchbearer!

(Many of you got this request via e-mail. Thanks for those who responded by joining the list and especially to those who sent personal notes of support, advice and offers of help. I know so many terrific people!)

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