Monday, April 25, 2011

Reviews and other Coolness for ISIG II

What a great tour! Thanks again to everyone who hosted me.

Here are some snippets from the reviews:

"You are probably thinking that Infinite Space, Infinite God II is religious; nothing could be farther from the truth. What you get in Infinite Space, Infinite God II, is science fiction written well by authors who know how to spin a good tale."

"The Ghosts of Kourion by Andrew M. Seddon is exceptionally well-told saga. Antivenin by Karina Fabian, ... rescue nuns in space, a fascinating concept. An Exercise in Logic by Barton Paul Levenson, ...well worth reading. Cathedral by Tamara Wilhite...a thought-provoking, futuristic tale. The Battle of the Narthex by Alex Lobdell...Humor, excitement and futuristic devices will keep you reading to the end."

"an entertaining read with twists and turns that will leave you thinking about the possible future of our world. ...One of the most touching stories, at least to me, was “Dyads” by Ken Pick and Alan Loewen."

"Twelve stories that will take you places that you have never been to discover new things about the human condition from a viewpoint that you may not have considered before. Thank you Karina and Robert Fabian for finding these stories and presenting them for us in this anthology."

"Just because the stories have virtuous underpinnings, don’t presume these are soft kiddie tales. These stories are core sci-fi taking the reader emotionally from apocalyptic doubt to Flash Gordon-like adventure. Some are thought provoking and some are just fun. Enjoy the trip!"

And, for additional coolness, a letter from the Vatican (well, the American Nunciat) thanking us on behalf of the Pope for sending him a copy. (Hope he reads it.)

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