Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Circuit Torture, et Training: Feel the Burn

I was going to take photos this week, but something happened.  I'll do it next week, promise.  In the meantime, check out these lovely knees!

I slipped on the treadmill Thursday.  (It's Friday morning as I write this.)  Not sure what happened.  I was getting off and must have gotten my foot half on the moving tread and it slipped out from under me.  Of course, that was not the bad part.  I was still hanging on, so my feet were flying, people were running to me, and I was trying to figure out how to hit the emergency stop without letting go,

Here's the irony:  I accidentally smack that emergency stop key on a regular basis, but the one time I needed it, I could not reach the dern thing.  Even worse, I know how it works--you hit it, the treads SLOW to a stop.  That's an important detail.

So Ryion and Kelly are running to me, others are asking if I'm ok, and I finally realize I can contort down and rub off the stop key with my chin.  I do so.

And then the idjit in me thinks, "Phew! I can let go now!"  Whereupon the treads  sweep me away until my heels bang the back wall, which is close to the end of the treadmill.  I grab the sides to push up, but my knees are stuck  against the slowing-but-still-moving tread, so for a few seconds, it's pain, pain, pain, baby, feel the burn!

I'm fine.  Didn't do any spectacular flips, no broken bones.  Just REALLY scraped, bruised  knees.

But, hey, let's find a little humor in the situation.  leave me your best applicable pun in the comments below.  If I get more than five different people commenting, I'll pick the funniest and give you a free e-copy of one of my books!

After all, we kneed to laugh at things like this.


Anonymous said...

Honestly Karina, you can lose more weight if you work out on your feet, not your knees.

But it could be worse! We had a woman at the Y who did the same thing, only it was her FACE that landed on the tread. Her forehead, nose and chin looked like your knees. It hurt to look at her.

Get back up and do it again. You're making great progress! :)

Karina Fabian said...

I thought for a minute I'd done my chin in, but I got on my hands and pushed off the treadmill. for some reason my knees were sort of stuck (the treadmill is close to the wall) and I was so surprised at having flown off, when I thought the treads had stopped, that I froze for a minute wondering what happened. the knees are better now. One is almost healed and the other is getting there.

It was a clutz week for me. Two days later, the day we were taking passport photos, I smacked into the handle of the chin up machine. fortunately, I don't bruise easy, but I had this vision of the photographer taking me aside to ask if things were okay at home! :D