Monday, June 17, 2013

Late post, so I'm babbling.

I could say this blog is late because it was a crazy weekend, but that would be lying.  I slept a lot, read a funny book (review later), watched reruns of Primeval, and generally enjoyed a lazy weekend.  I'm sleeping a lot lately.  I'm not sure if it's allergies or recovering from ten months without Rob (and the subsequent restless nights, which were exacerbated by a cat who seemed to miss him even more than I did.)

They say working out is supposed to fill you with energy, but I do not find this is the case.  How about you?  BTW, sorry about missing last Wednesday.  No excuses, just got lazy. Speaking of sleep and exercise, Rob has added a new dimension to Circuit Torture:  Early Mornings!  Yes, we night owls go to bed around midnight, but since he has to be at work by 0800, we are doing the 6 am circuit training classes now.  Know what else that means?  Breakfast at 7:15, and it's only 10:15, and I'm ready for lunch! Did you know Mimi's Mediterranean fettuccine has 1222 calories?  That's more than my day's allowance!

Since Rob's come home, I've let a lot of stuff slack off, and last night, I could not get to sleep for all the things in my head, so I wrote a meta list of things to do before vacation and things to do after and before retirement/house selling etc.  It's a huge list, but it's got me moving, anyway.  Now, to get kidlets moving, too. 

Post some random thoughts in the comments today, and let's get a convo going!

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