Monday, August 19, 2013

Mini Review: Attack of the Drooling Shapeshifters by David Kaftal

Summary:  Under the guise of retro science fiction, Attack of the Drooling Shapeshifters is in fact pitch black humor dipped in vitriol. With something to offend almost everyone, it is a thinly disguised assault on liberalism, feminism, "new age" religion, freemasonry, the new world order, and one or two other festering sores on the contemporary human psyche. It also has scary monsters from outer space, hippies and good ol' boys, lesbian goddess worshippers, and a cameo appearance by Bigfoot.

Mini-Review:  I had a wonderful Saturday reading this book, often laughing out loud.  It's got cliches pulled to the extreme (which you know I like) and targets everyone from rednecks to hippies to aging scientific geniuses to lesbian amazons.  The story moved quickly, and had a somewhat happy ending.  (The heroine isn't too pleased, but to say more would be spoilers.)  I enjoyed the shapeshifting aliens, especially the one who played with his food--and paid dearly for it.  (Never antagonize a modern woman in high heels.)  If you are sensitive about someone blasting away at anything Politically Correct, then this is not for you.  Otherwise, it's well worth the read.

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