Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Domestic Goddess Goals

Last week, I gave you my writing goals, so now for all to see (and thus to give myself pressure to perform) are my domestic goddess goals:

1. I will continue with the Flylady regime of daily laundry, Kelly Missions and daily chores for the kids. This made an incredible difference in how well our home was kept up.

2. I will expand my mission to meals, ensuring that we only get junk food once a week and go out once a week (except perhaps brunch.

3. I will recover my dining room chairs with the help of my mom in Feb.

4. We will get out of debt before Rob retires (April 2012 is the target.)

5. I will teach my children how to do laundry and cook. (They know some, but not all.)

6. I will resume my haidong gumdo lessons and work out every day I'm not at lessons for at least 15 min. (Sundays are days off.) This will include walking the dog, weather permitting.

7. I will pray daily and read daily Scripture.

8. I will get my kids to their clubs, etc. I will help them keep up on grades and homework daily.

Most Important: I will keep writing in its place where it does not interfere with my domestic goddess/supermom duties.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karina, I apologize for not keeping in touch. Belated congradulations to Rob on COL. It is a rare thing indeed. And God bless you and keep you always. Retirement in 2012? Wow. I do feel old now. My daughter (middle child) just passed her driving test last week. Those are admirable goals for the year, but I think writing may be as much a part of you as the military is to Rob. It's never easy to set aside the gifts He's given you. More later - have to get back to work. John Wells

Karina Fabian said...

Hey, John!

I forwarded your comment to Rob and told him about it at dinner. The kids asked who you were and he said, "If it weren't for John, I would not be sitting at this table today."

Thank you again for being a good friend all those years ago!