Saturday, January 01, 2011

My Novel's Journey: Update on multiple projects 2

So, it looks like another week (two weeks) where I've been scattered across several projects, but several got finished this time, so I'm feeling good.


"Of Slings and Feeling Vexed":  This is a DragonEye, PI short story I wrote for 10Flash's "The End of the World As We Know It" issue.  If you were in the flash fiction workshop at MuseCon, then you saw the first drafts.  The advice I got was terrific, and I fixed it up, and editor KC Ball loved it and made changes to make it even better.  It comes out in February!

"The Mover":  This is a story I brainstormed with my husband, Rob, for Damnation Book's hero anthology, Corrupts Absolutely?, though the characters took it in a different direction than I expected.  Lots of blue collar humor as a moving man get superpowers and realizes that he really isn't cut out for great responsibility after all.  I submitted it on Black Friday instead of shopping--a day better spent, IMHO.

The Damnation Books/Eternal Press Marketing Guide.  This was contracted booklet of marketing tips and ideas, plus examples and templates.  I'm honored that Kim Richards and Sally Christie had confidence in me to ask me to do this.  I'll be following up with classes and chats for the DB/EP authors.

"Valentine's Day Pandamonium":  My husband and I were joking about chasing each other around the old folk's home someday, and inspired this DragonEye story.  Pandarus, a cupid, gets mugged by folks in a retirement home who take his arrows to use on themselves.  Not sure if I'll submit it places or use it in my DragonEye, PI newsletter in March.

In Progress:

I Left My Brains in San Francisco:  I talked to my source at an oil refinery and got the ideas I need (I think) to finish this book.  I am working it out now, and I'm going to go back and thread more subplots in better.  Still aiming to finish this by end of December.  I'll need some critiquers and beta readers!

The Old Man in the Void:  He's still in the void, poor old man, and no one to chase around either!

"Christmas Spirits":  A DragonEye, PI mystery done in serial.  We have raised enough to buy a goat, but I'm hoping we can continue to raise funds to help more impoverished families in third-world nations.  Please check out the story at

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