Monday, February 13, 2012

Announcing the DragonEye, PI Serial Story, World Gathering

I'm doing another serial story.  This is the precursor of Magic, Mensa and Mayhem: shorter, rougher, and lots of fun.  You can find it at In the meantime, Vern shares his feelings about World Gathering and Magic, Mensa and Mayhem.

Karina has written up some of our more harrowing cases, so I was surprised by her choice for the first novel.

"Why would you want to write up that one?" I demanded. Actually, but the tone of voice, I really meant to imply "Not that one. No. never!" but I'm working on being a kinder, gentler dragon. Often, that just comes out as passive-aggressive, but I’m working on it.

However, Karina got the implication; she just chose to ignore it. "Come on, Vern.
It's funny."

"It's embarrassing. One fiasco after another--"

"I snorted coffee out my nose, it was so funny when you told it. "

"Because it's embarrassing."

Then Grace had to step in on her side. "But it is funny, and you know it."

"Oh, so you think she should publish it? You, know, you weren't exactly on your best behavior, Sister Magic-Grudge-Match." I don't normally resort to calling Grace names, but I was in a mood and I could already see where this argument was heading.

She had the (pardon the pun) good graces to blush at the memory of her duel with the Green Muse Euterpe, but she also fought back a grin. Even nuns are human. "It was funny."

We argued more, but well...

Magic, Mensa and Mayhem
came out in Amazon from Swimming Kangaroo a few years back.

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And one heck of a good read it is too!