Sunday, February 26, 2012

Notes on Homilies: Every Temptation is a Choice.

These words of Father CY stuck with me:  Every temptation is a choice.

Really, that's what it boils down to.  We don't HAVE to sin.  Very seldom does someone hold a gun to our head and force us to sin; and even then, as the martyrs have shown us, there is still a choice.

So just think about that.  Every temptation is a choice.  That means you have as much freedom to say "No" as you do opportunity to say "Yes."

We don't have to live life on automatic.  We can choose.  Got a bad habit?  Remember: each incidence, each temptation, is a choice.  You don't have to break the whole habit.  You just have to make the right choice that time.  The next time, it will be easier.

Every temptation is a choice.

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