Monday, February 06, 2012

Notes From Homilies: Be still

My take-away from yesterday's homily:  Dedicate time to be still and pray

Now that isn't exactly what Deacon Tom said.  He said that we need to take time, because we're all so busy, and we often feel like if we're not doing something, then we're not worth much--and somehow, praying doesn't seem "active" enough.  And I found myself agreeing with him at first.  But then I thought about all the time I spend scrolling through Facebook or playing games on the computer or watching some television show because I have a "free hour."  It's not that I'm too busy to pray.  It's not that I can't making the time to do it.  I'm just not taking the time I have and putting some of it to prayer.

The gospel story told how Jesus left in the early morning hours to go pray before returning to spread the Word and heal this sick and drive out demons and all his other wondrous deeds.  I know many who follow His example.  Even if we don't however, we can still find those quiet moments: 
  • Driving in the car, we can pray along with a recording of the rosary or the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  (Get the CD here:
  • Before going to sleep, say a quick thank-you for what's been good, and apologize to God for your failings. 
  • Get the Daily Gospel delivered to your e-mail and take a couple of minutes to read and contemplate it:  ( 
  • Keep a prayer journal of intentions--people who are sick, those who are dying, groups needing help.  Sometimes, it's easier to pray when we are doing it for others.
  • Put a prayer on the refrigerator.
What are some of your ways to make sure you dedicate some of your day to God?

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