Sunday, February 12, 2012

Notes From Homilies: Outcast

This is a quick one tonight, but the gospel was about the leper that Jesus healed and sent to the priests.  He told him to tell no one that he'd healed him, just to go present himself; however the man told everyone he saw, and as a result, Jesus had to leave town because so many people were flooding him with demands, and still people came to him.  Our priest noted that lepers were the outcasts of society, but by healing the leper, Jesus brought him back into the community at the expense of being outcast himself.  Jesus will be an even greater outcast during his crucifixion, yet he did it so all could be welcome to the Community of God.

Something the priest didn't note, however, was that even after Jesus left the town, some people went after him, and these he healed.  Let's face it: Jesus is God.  If he head wanted to, he could have stood on a porchstep, faced the crowd and said, "Whatever ails you, be healed of it."  He could have just walked through town and let people touch him.  But instead, he left, and healed those who took the time and effort to pursue.

The leper made a big effort--and took a big risk.  As one unclean, he wasn't even supposed to be in town, much less pursuing a great and popular rabbi.  But he did, and was rewarded for his efforts.  When Jesus left the town, some people took the effort to pursue him, and were rewarded.

What effort do we make to meet Jesus?  or do we expect that since he is God, he will just give us whatever?

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