Sunday, May 06, 2012

Housekeeping for Writers Boot Camp

When I was little, my mother used to make beautiful crafts.  This was the 70s and refrigerator peacocks were the thing and she'd spend hours gluing on sequins and feathers.  They looked something like this, only about 18 inches long.

Once in a while, she'd sell them to friends for the cost of materials, but whenever someone asked her why she didn't go into business, she'd say, "Oh, I like doing it, but they take too much time.  I'd never get paid enough for the all the work I put in, so I'd rather give them away at cost."  As a child, I didn't understand that.

Today, I think I do.

I had a class I wanted to teach, Housekeeping for Writers.  I'd planned to teach it through Savvy Authors and was charging $20/person for it.  After Savvy takes their cut, that's $10-$15 a person.  I taught this at CWCO and it was very well received.  However, I only had 5 people register; only 2 of which had paid.

This class is time-intensive for me:  two lessons a day posted on the forums, where I'd also take questions, and me spending all day from 8:30-4:30 in the chat room, doing lessons and challenges every hour as we all worked together on Spring Cleaning and developing new habits.  For a week.  It's just too much work for $50.

Yet, I have had people tell me how much they could use something like this, and to be frank, I was really looking forward to the chat room aspect of challenges and getting together to crow about something as silly as "cleared my desk!"

So here's the deal. 

May 14-18, I will be in the CWCO General Chat Room Form 8:30-4:30 Mountain Time.  I will not teach lessons, but I will issue a choice of three challenges for the hour, answer questions, offer advice (I'm good at advice!) and be there to crow about all your housekeeping victories with you. 

Come join me--for an hour, for a day, for a week.  Bring the following:

--A list of what you most need to accomplish.
--Three boxes, bags or baskets (LARGE).  We will be cutting clutter.
--Cleaning supplies.
--Something to write about.  Some hours will be a writing challenge.

Every bottom of the hour (8:30, 9:30, etc) I will issue a challenge.  The goal is PROGRESS not necessarily completion.  Each challenge will be about 20 minutes long.  I will take questions, etc for 15--be ready to bring your own tips and ideas, too.  Then we'll go do a challenge and come back and celebrate.

It won't be a full class, so no one is under any obligation, but it will be a chance to get together, work together, and have some fun. 

I think that's part of what my mom wanted, too--to keep what she was doing fun.  I hope I see some of you there.


alberta ross said...

Yay I think for the first time I can join in an online thingy in US - if I have my time converting correct - will see you at the boot camp - nervous:( such a lot of clutter:(:(

looking foward to trying anyway!

Zakgirl said...

I have work commitments but may be able to attend for parts of some days.

Not sure exactly what it is your doing but it sounds like fun.


Thoms said...
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