Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Circuit Torture--er, Training. Real world weight loss

Here we are at the one-month mark of my new circuit training routine, so I thought I'd give you an overall view of my progress, more than anything to show how a normal person loses weight.  This is me a month ago:


My body seems to enjoy 160-170, which I have been at for a decade now.  I am 5'3", so in theory, I'm on the border of overweight and obese:

Correct Weight For Height Body Mass Index 	(BMI) Chart
Excuse me while I take this with a big grain of salt.

I'm large--a size 12-14--and I don't like my belly (or as Amber calls it, "the food baby") but obese?  Still, I am not happy with my shape or that I'm so weak, which is why I'm making some changes.

First, know that I am not dieting.  I have tried this in the past and I inevitably lose 5 pounds in the first week or two, then never lose again, give up after two months and gain it back. Also, I'm not interested in giving up sweets and such for a life of veggies and free-range chicken.  So I've cut down on the bad stuff.  Sodas are a once or twice a week, dessert on rare occasions, eating out once in a while.

However (as you know), I am exercising six days a week on a really intense routine that incorparates cardio and weights.  Here's me after a month:

Not the most flattering of pictures, true, but the point is to see what progress I made.  I'm trying to use the same outfit for photos and measurements each time.

It doesn't look like a lot, but I m toning up. I can go up the stairs without losing my breath, and I can carry more.  Also, my jeans fit better.  Here are my stats:

15-Jan 8-Feb

weight 169 165
4lb dec
body fat 38.5 35.3
3.2 dec
chest 38.7 36.9
1.8 dec
bust 41.1 39.6
.5 dec
waist 39 35
4.0 dec
hips 42.8 40.5
2.3 dec
abs 42 39.5
2.5 dec
thigh 22 23.9
1.9 inc
calf 15 15.1
.1 inc
bicep 11.6 11.8
.2 inc
forearm 10 9.8
.2 dec
neck 15 14.5
.5 dec

I'm not happy about how little weight I've lost, but Ryion, my Personal Torturer...er...trainer, said people often gain at first because fat is converting to muscle.  Plus, as I said, my body seems to settle into a comfortable weight and stay there regardless.  If I can shape my body better, I'll be satisfied.  Something else you can't see in the photo btw, is that I've established a better routine of exfoliating my face and for the dark circles under my eyes.  (My mother-in-law bought me some stuff for the circles.)

My next step is to drink more water. I'm supposed to drink 84 ounces a day.  The formula is half your weight in ounces.  I saw on Dr. Oz that lemon water is supposed to help, so I'm doing that.  I also want to add a multi-vitamin.  I'm bad about taking these regularly.


Jackie Vick said...

Don't overdo the lemon, because it removes the enamel from your teeth. That said, congrats! You can really tell the difference in your posture, which affects your entire look!

certificate III, sydney said...

You have lost your weight really very rapidly. I am also doing some efforts to burn fat of my body. I am cycling and swimming also and expecting that the effect will be positive.

Karina Fabian said...

Certificate: I've lot about a pound a week, which is what doctors recommend when for consistent weight loss that (I hope) will stay off. Jackie: I only put in a slice or two a gallon, and not all the time. Sometimes, I use cucumber or other fruits, too.