Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Great Weight Write-Off Winner--Dennis McGeehan!

You know, when it comes down to it, the reason for diet and exercise is not to lose weight or look great, so much as to get healthy.  This week's winner in the Great Weight Write-Off, Dennis McGeehan has shown that a little discipline can get remarkable results.  He joined with the goal of managing his high blood pressure by diet and exercise, and has been off his medication and doing great for two weeks now.  Congrats, Dennis!

Dennis P. McGeehan is a husband and the father of nine kids: 1 daughter and 7 sons plus one daughter-in-heaven. He is a freelance writer and author who writes both fiction and non-fiction on numerous topics - family, faith, fantasy , etc. His first published magazine article is in the Lenten Edition of The Word Among Us, viewable on-line at

Selecting the Best Martial Art Class for Your Child  
He has one e-book, Selecting the Best Arts Class for Your Child, at  A concise book to help parents make an informed decision on choosing a Martial Art school for their child. The book covers the different types of Martial Arts classes available, the distinctive characteristics of the styles, and the factors to consider when deciding what class is right for your child.

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