Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Great Weight Write-Off Winner--Sherry Antonetti

This weeks' winner is Sherry Antonetti!  Sherry lost 3.7 pounds this week, after a valiant but unfortunate battle with brownies last week.

Sherry has a book coming out in May, The Book of Helen
"Everyone talks about the Trojan war like they know it, but no one ever bothered to ask me." --Helen of Troy.   
I'm pretty certain I heard her pitch it at the MuseOnline conference.  Sounds like a fun book, especially if you like Greek history and mythology.

Ironically, Sherry's blog is called Chocolate For Your Brain!  A sometimes silly, sometimes reflective blog that works as both a means for me to find out what I'm thinking and preserve in internet amber, some of the more memorable moments of raising these ten children.  Also a soapbox for when the political itch in me needs to be scratched.  Calorie free sweetness all for free, all for you, truth covered with humor because no one wants to eat a bar of pure nougat. 

 Drop by her blog and congratulate her this week--and let her know if you are interested in the book.  I'm sure she'd be glad to e-mail you when it comes out!

BTW, overall, the group lost 5.2 pounds, 1.9 percent body fat, and 3.4 inches.  Several of us have had medical issues, though, from injury and surgery to colds. We're all feeling pretty good about our progress and working together.  If you are having problems keeping on your new health routine, consider joining forces with some friends.

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Sherry Antonetti said...

Thank you so much!