Monday, March 04, 2013

James Doohan

Yesterday would have been James Doohan (aka Scotty on Star Trek: The Original Series).  I met him at a convention when I was in college.  He must have been 67-68 then.  We stood in line for ages to get his autograph.  He asked my name and spelled it correctly on the first try--the first person I'd met who was able to do so with complete confidence.  (He was well known for being able to pick up accents; I think it must have been part of that gift.)  Then I asked him for a hug--and he gave me a kiss on the cheek, too.  I'd always enjoyed his character, but after that, he was a special favorite for me.  Lots of people on FB have commented on his sweetness and charm.

Not from the convention, but about the same time, I'd say.

Happy Birthday, James!  You're no longer with us in person, but we still treasure your spirit.

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