Monday, March 25, 2013

When not to blog..and the Star Trek trailer

I've had this blog open all weekend, and now, it's 9:30 pm on Sunday, and I've still not written it.  It's not because I don't have anything to say.  It's just that I don't want to blog about any of it.

Blogs are public, and as an introvert, I am wary of my public face.  To me, blogs are not the place to divulge certain things because...

...they are petty.  I might unload these on a friend, or maybe in a small chat with other writers I trust.  However, I don't want to air them to the world at large.  In addition to the fact that they make me look petty--and I can be, but I don't need to advertise that!--they can be hurtful to others.  I HATE HATE HATE hurting people, especially inadvertently.  I seem to do that enough, anyway.

...they are private.  Some folks love sharing their inner selves. I only do that with close friends.  Also, I'm wary of divulging too much of myself.

...they are hurtful.  We all think spiteful thoughts sometimes.  Not all are petty, either, but that doesn't mean I need to share.

...others have already said it better than I.  If I know someone has, there just seems no point in beating a dead horse.

Anyway, some weeks that means I have a head full of thoughts, and nothing to blog.  Here's the latest Star Trek trailer instead.  I'm geeking out a bit that the actor who plays Sherlock Holmes is the villain.  Love his voice!

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