Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Circuit Torture...er, Training...Week One Down

I survived my first week of circuit training.  In fact, not only did I survive, but I can still walk and lift dishes and sit down...all of which seemed awfully iffy on Wednesday.  Here are some of the highlights of my week:

I had thought The Ladder was the most diabolical device in the gym.  How wrong I was.  On Tuesday, Ryion put me on the treadmill at a level of 2.  Then as I started on my leisurely walk, he said, "Let me adjust the incline."  Ten...fifteen...twenty...THIRTY degrees.  Let's just say that by the third time round, I had to ask, "What's more important, the incline, the speed, or that I not hang on?"  I braced myself on the handles, but I made it!

Inclines like this, cars go into lower gear, semis have their own lane...but now I have to walk it.
I spent several days on a quest for good workout shoes.  My Sketcher Shape Ups are awesome for walking and have saved my knees, but for jumping, squatting, etc., they do not cut the mustard.  After trying on every shoe in the Mall in my price range (and traipsing said Mall five times, a workout in itself), I learned that Nikes are too narrow; Reboks hit my arch wrong; Asics just aren't right, and Sketcher soles press weird on my feet except for the Shape-Ups.  I settled on some Pumas, which still hit the balls of my feet wrong, but better than anything else I could find.  I was a little desperate.  I am hoping they will break in.  I always have trouble with shoes not fitting my feet.

Also along the line of wardrobe failure, I have learned that the tank tops I wear under my t-shirt and sweatshirt cannot contain my chest while I do jumping jacks.  What a great discovery!  jump jump--pull up strap--jump jump--pull up strap.  At least it was 47 in the gym that day and I had the sweatshirt on.  Jumping also makes me have to go potty.  I do hope that gets easier with exercise.

And speaking of potty, how many of you have experienced the sheer torture of trying to sit on a toilet when your legs are fully stiff and sore from hours of ladder climbing, extensions, raises, and let's not forget incline hikes?  I had planned on keeping this gem to myself, but one of the ladies at the gym commiserating with my first week volunteered how much it had hurt her just to sit to pee.  Obviously, I am not alone.

Finally, the best thing I did for myself all week was get a massage! It felt so good to get all the kinks worked out..or partially so, there are a lot of kinks!  In addition, though, it helps release the toxins stored in the muscles, promoted muscle healing, and helps tighten the skin.  In fact, she suggested that I massage my muscles after a workout for that reason specifically.  I have bought a packet of four massages.  I think I'll need them to get through the week.

Overall, it's been a terrific week for fitness for me.  In fact, I feel younger already.

Of course, that could be because on Tuesday, I felt closer to 90 than 45....

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Anonymous said...

Karina, I have the same problem with finding shoes that fit right. I've found that New Balance (if you can find them) work best for me. The arch fits my foot without squashing my toes. :)