Monday, January 21, 2013

This week's Great Weight Write Off Winner--K. Ann Seeton

First weeks can sometimes be the worst when starting any new program, but the dieting dozen of the Great Weight Write off did pretty well.  Despite family crises, job issues, and more, we managed to start new routines, make purchases toward our fitness (treadmills to new shoes), and one person decided to try the Flu Weight Reduction Program.  (Not Recommended!)  In all, we lost 15 pounds and some inches.

Our big winner this week, however, was K. Ann Seeton, a blogger and writer.  She said she was as surprised as could be at her reduction as she hadn't noticed a big difference.  She has been on a diet specifically for regulating her blood sugar, and stayed on it almost perfectly this week--and she has the results to show!

As her reward, we're asking folks to visit her blog and give her a kudo.  While you are there, check it out, too!  (Feel free to kudo her on FB, too, but please check out the blog.)

Quicksilver to Gold at  How does one go from Quicksilver to Gold during midlife? Learning new skills and seeking balance in the midst of ordinary life, how does one come to understand the meaning of a personal vocation? This blog is about finding my unique role in loving this world with the love God gives to me. Together let us move from Quicksilver to Gold. Welcome to the record of my journey.

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