Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Great Weight Write-Off Winner: Kristyn Phipps

This week's winner in the Great Weight Write Off is Kristyn Phipps.  Kristen lost SIX pounds this week.  How awesome is that?

Kristyn is a working mom of two young girls, and the wife to a Baptist preacher. When she's not working  her day job, she can be found pecking away at her computer behind closed doors. Her first short story was published in Life Lessons from Teachers in August of 2012. She's now working on her first novella By Accident.  Check out her blog at she talks about what she did.  Here's a tip from that post:

We went through our pantry over a week ago and pulled out everything that wasn’t healthy. I had a 16x16x12 box filled with stuff that we donated to a local food pantry to help the needy in our area. I replaced those items with healthier choices.

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Kristyn Phipps said...

Thanks so much for sharing my story Karina! This is such a wonderful way to lose weight with fellow writers! May this week be even better for us all!