Monday, January 14, 2013

I Want a TV Fairy Godmother!

Every now and then, I get on TV jags, via Netflix.  Sometimes, I try to find something that inspires me, like when I watched Clean House in a week-long binge before decluttering the entire house.  Or, years back, when I watched Trading Spaces, and got inspired to decorate the small bathroom with real sand and shells from the beach.  (On a removable board I tacked to the wall.  The board ran the lower half of one wall.  It looked AWESOME!)

Lately, I've gotten into Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

For those who have not seen the show--five gay guys invade a straight guy's home (and in later seasons, did couples as well) and help them with hair, fashion, redecorating, and fixing their lives.  The first season was really good, with lots of tips.  I may have the boys watch a few episodes.  Later, they went more heavily into lifestyle changes, however, and instead of giving me ideas or inspiration, they've really left me just wanting a fairy godmother--or barring that, five fairies who will come show me a better hairstyle, redecorate my house, and best of all help me boost my writing career--and who would put the money into all that.  I'd actually write to the show, but it's long gone.

Does anybody some some guys--gay or straight--or ladies--ditto--who would hook me up?

Oh, and if anyone ever tries to tell me Roscoe in Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator, is a stereotype, I'll introduce them to Carson.

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Margaret Fieland said...

Karina, if you find one, ask him/her if they have a sibling.