Monday, May 20, 2013

Back Cover Blurb: Need Your Input

It's that time again, already!  Mind Over Psyche, the second in the Mind Over trilogy, comes out in September, and I need to get a back-cover blurb to my publisher this week.  I've narrowed it down to these.  Please vote and/or give comments.  I will have time to tweak, but we need something to send to advance reviewers.

1. Desperate to escape the insane asylum, psychic  Deryl Stephens teleports to Kanaan, a world of telepaths who regard him as an oracle.  But freedom comes at a price.  The Kanaan expect their oracle to teach them to use their powers to wage war.  Meanwhile, he’s falling in love, but to be with her means to share his psyche, which could drive her insane.  Most dangerous of all, he hasn’t escaped the Call of the Master, enemy of the Kanaan.  The Master will forge Deryl’s powers into a weapon to kill all he loves or strip destroy his mind trying.

 2. Deryl Stephens has finally conquered his psychic abilities and escaped the asylum to Kanaan, the planet whose inhabitants have believed him to be an oracle.  Confronted with Deryl the man, however, the people wonder if he will bring their world peace or destruction.  The answers lie in the recorded memories of a 5000-year-old predecessor of the Miscria, memories that are driving the current Miscria insane.  Now Deryl must risk his newfound sanity to save the Miscria's and unlock the secret of his role on Kanaan--before the Kanaan decide he's too dangerous to live.

3. Deryl Stephens has finally mastered his psychic abilities and escaped the asylum.  He even found his way to Kanaan, the world where he’s considered an oracle.  He’s met Tasmae, the last of a line of people called Miscria who contacted him in his insanity—and the woman he’s drawn to.  But paradise has problems:  He’s accidentally dragged his friend, Joshua, on his interstellar escape and doesn’t know how to get him back.  The Kanaan are suspicious of an oracle brought to life.  And the memories of the first Miscria are driving his love Tasmae insane.  Deryl must sacrifice his own newfound sanity to save Tasmae’s and unlock the secret of his role on Kanaan.  And soon, before the Kanaan decide he and Joshua are too dangerous to let live.

 4.  (A different approach):  Deryl has no home until he escapes the asylum and  teleports to Kanaan, a world of psychics like himself.  There, he meets Tasmae, who believes he is the Oracle of God come to life—and her destined mate.  But acceptance comes with a price.  Tasmae would have him teach her the ways of war, and he’d rather die than kill.  He is plagued by voices from his past, and soon Tasmae is, too.  Even worse, he comes under psychic  attack by the Master, enemy of the Kanaan. Deryl must discover his true purpose on Kanaan and defeat the Master before he destroys those he loves—and the only home he’ll ever know.


Maria Zannini said...

#4 is definitely the most intriguing.

Zakgirl said...

I liked #4 too. It explains clearly what the story is likely to be about and leaves enough questions to make you want to read it.