Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weight Loss Update 4: How Real People Lose Weight

Hey, time again!  Here are photos and stats on my progress in losing weight and toning up.

As usual, let me remind everyone that I am on no particular diet.  I still eat pizza and chimichangas, drink soda, and have desserts now and again.  What I have done is reduce the number of sodas, cut down desserts by more than half, and drink a gallon of water nearly every day.  (I don't always make it).  So what you see is mostly the results of five hours of circuit training a week.

Also, I am making no attempt to suck in my gut, alter my pose or do anything to make myself look thinner in the after picture.  This is how you'd see me at any particular moment.

Here are the stats.  I'd like to note that my arms have not changed much in size, but it's muscle now instead of wobblyfat.  (I accidentally missed the space between "wobbly" and "fat" but I love that word!  Wobblyfat.  Say it with me: wobblyfat.)

15-Jan 17-May
total loss

weight 169 153.3
15.7 lb dec
body fat 38.5 32.6
5.4 dec
chest 38.7 35.9
2.8 dec
bust 41.1 38
3.1 dec
waist 39 33.5
5.5 dec
hips 42.8 38.8
4.0 dec
abs 42 36.7
5.3 dec
thigh 22 23.5
1.5 inc
calf 15 15
bicep 11.6 11.5
.1 dec
forearm 10 9.5
.5 dec
neck 15 13.8
1.2 dec

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