Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Circuit Torture, er Training: Sights of the Gym

Well, I did sounds of the gym a couple of weeks ago, so now it's time to see how the gym looks on a typical day.  Ready the slide show!

This is what the nine o'clock class usually looks like.  I attend the eight o'clock class, which means I'm on my own more often than not.  I don't mind, because then I can grunt and wheeze.  If I get too loud, Ryion will turn up the music or put in his earbuds.

Me and my personal torturer, er trainer, Ryion.  We are holding 60-pound barbells.  Yes, be impressed.

Remember what I said in a previous blog about how the headband rides up on my hair?  Yeah.  Not a good look.  Another reason to grow it longer--at least long enough for a topknot.
This is what muscle growth looks like. 
Once every four or five weeks, Ryion ups the pain, er, burn, by making us wear weight vests.  As you can see, there is an embarrassment factor as well, as the vests will squish all your fat into a nice spare tire.  Of course, you should have seen this the first time I wore the vest.  (No, no, I'm glad you didn't.)
So, do I look like Beyonce' at the Superbowl?  I was going for that expression.

The glory photo above?  This is right AFTER that shot.  OH!  Ryion, grab it! Grab it!
And this is when we tried to get that shot the day before.  HEAVY!  Heavy barbell!

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