Monday, May 06, 2013

Mini-Review: Rapunzel Let Down by Regina Doman

Summary: A teen summer romance in New England has disastrous consequences when the daring son of a conservative senator forms a secret relationship with the isolated daughter of a reclusive scientist. A modern retelling of the classic tale 'Rapunzel.'

Mini-Review:  This summary, taken from Amazon, does not begin to do the drama of this book justice.  The book is a gripping tale of one nightmare after another for the two young lovers: the boy goes to jail for statutory rape; the girl flees her mother who would force her to abort her babies.  Even when they find each other again, the trouble does not stop, as the jealously "protective" mother devises the most heinous of punishments for the daring boy who stole her daughter's heart.

Past all the action and stomach-churning tension is a story of redemption, where selfish love grows into something sacred and self-sacrificing.

Definitely something not suitable for younger teens, but with a terrific message told in a unique and memorable way.

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