Thursday, May 30, 2013

Review Roundup of Greater Treasures

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The blog tour is almost over, and the reviews are in.  Here are some highlights from what reviewers and readers are saying about Vern's latest book:

Karina proves once more that she is a veritable fount of puns and one-liners, causing random hoots of laughter at the twists she puts into the language of the hard-headed dragon. Vern's smart-aleck character leaps from the page in 3D, weaknesses and all, but don't forget, the dragon always wins. This world she has created involves complex interactions between Faerie and Mundane, religious and anti, science and magic. Splashdown Book Reviews

Greater Treasures would be the perfect weeknight read for anyone who love pun-filled fantasy in the style of Esther Friesner. If you get huffy at the mix of spec fic elements, you can't abide religion in your fantasy, or magic in your religion, then you might want to skip this one. Or better yet, pick it up and give it a read. You might find your tastes expanding!

Rebecca Ryals Russel, One evening recently I read Greater Treasures while my husband was watching television.This is significant only in that he kept glancing at me then telling me to please be quiet because I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING. It is clear Karina enjoys and understands the Noir detective style of story-telling. She has infused such a sly, smart-alec sense of humor into all of the characters in any of her DragonEye Pi books they are a delight to read. Greater Treasures is also short enough to be read in one or two sittings. But the best thing is that this story would be enjoyed and understood by anyone able to read--Middle Grade through Adult. 

“(In Vern), , I found someone who carries the weight of remorse, responsibility and the hope of redemption on very large shoulders. His humor comes out of a history of loss and the challenge of caring. His care for Sister Grace, a siren turned nun, drives this story.”

I love the idea of taking the Mystery that suffuses Catholicism and using it to drive the “magic” of another world. Yes, there are clichés being wielded here, but Karina uses our expectations to turn the story on Vern's wit.

 “It is a great read. You’ll keep following along with Vern’s adventures. And, the best part for me is the underlying story. Fabian’s research about the Lance of Longinus is well done and makes the book very interesting to read.” Dianne Sagan,


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