Thursday, May 16, 2013

Self-Publishing: Another Arrow in My Quiver

When I tell folks that I self-published Greater Treasures, some assume that I'm changing direction from my previous path of traditional publishers. I'm not.  I have enjoyed working with each of my publishers.  They've all treated me fairly, been great help in polishing my novels, and do their best to promote my books and support my writing efforts.  In fact, I credit them with giving me the confidence and tools I needed to embark on this adventure.

I chose to self-publish the novella for several reasons, which I've talked about on the blog tour, but today, I want to talk about using this as a marketing tool.  They say the best way to gain more readers is to write and publish more stories.  Self-publishing lets me do that a little more quickly and according to my own schedule.  In addition, since I'm bearing the expenses and not having to share the profits, I can price the book as low as I want to encourage more readers.  I've chosen to put it on Kindle Select for at least a while for that same reason--folks can borrow it for free, and I can pick freebie days without having to coordinate with my publisher, who had to work with scores or hundreds of other authors and books.  Also, I can promote my traditional books by adding samples of my other books.  The print version of Greater Treasures has the first chapter from both Magic, Mensa, and Mayhem and Live and Let Fly, even though they are published by two different publishers.  It's my hope that my self-published book will help sell more of my traditionally published works.

There's no reason in this day and age to have to pick between self-publishing or traditional publishing.  It's just another arrow in your writing and marketing quiver.

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